About us

Award winning team of professional architests, customizing in home & garden design. We have vast experience of both small and large scale projects.

Who We Are?

We, Sciencezoplanet, are a global conference and event organizer dedicated to our mission to deliver the type of quality and creativity that exceeds expectations. Founded in the USA, we started as a fresh and young Professional.

What Do We Do?

As high-end scientific event organizers, we plan and execute international conferences, meetings, seminars and workshops that bring together modernizers, keynote speakers and visionaries, on the same platform. 

Why Us?

We have mastered the art of smooth planning and execution when it comes to international scientific events. We bring more to the table than just cost benefits. From having a firm grasp on all the minute details to global awareness of the industry and its trends, we ensure that your event is an end-to-end success story.

What Is Our Mission?

Our main mission is to make our conferences highly successful with high quality interactive technical sessions with recent research findings of the latest and futuristic trends exposed as we focus on providing workshops and symposiums organized through well-established industrial and academic tie-ups with various professional bodies.